Most Artistes Visit “Juju” For Hit Songs – Eshun


Budding musician, Eshun has revealed in an interview on Okay FM that most musicians seek spiritual backing for fame and popularity.

She disclosed that, a “Juju” man approached her with an offer to back her career spiritually, so she can finally release a hit song.

Though she refused to mention names, Eshun claims the spiritualist listed a shocking number of artistes who have sought after his powers and are making hit songs.

“I can’t mention names. However, he mentioned some of my colleagues. Some of these musicians are making hit songs because they have spiritual backings”, she alluded.

Eshun expressed that, she is not bothered by the fact that she has not made it big, despite the frequent pressure her fans have mounted on her.

“It is a process, everyone needs to go through it. It doesn’t bother me at all”, she stated.

After thirteen singles, Eshun says she is yet to release her biggest hit.


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