Miss Ghana Is Not About The Awards, Ghana Always Comes First – CEO Speaks


Chief Executive Officer of Exclusive Events Ghana, organizers of the Miss Ghana beauty pageant, Inna Mariam Patty, has alluded during the launch of Miss Ghana 2018 that, the pageant does not pivot around the prizes awarded contestants after the win.

She says the focus is on tasking the winners of the pageant to undertake projects which involves touching the lives of underprivileged Ghanaians.

The 2018 edition of Miss Ghana beauty pageant has been launched, in spite of allegations made by some former winners against the organizers.

Her assertion came after several controversies arose about wrongdoings of the organizers of the pageant.

Some former beauty queens have made allegations against the pageant, some which includes parading them as sexual baits for sponsorship.

Some other accusations heaved against Inna Patty and her team is that, winners are not awarded the full package promised them.

However, in a bid to clear the air on these rumors, Patty says the awards are not the prime motive of the pageantry.

“It’s not about the cars, the money or the crown. It’s about undertaking projects that will at the long run, be to the betterment of Ghana”, she said.

This begs the question, why were contestants promised several packages after they win if the organizers had nothing to offer them.

The launch was held on Thursday, 2nd August, 2018, at the Kempinksi Hotel in Accra.


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