Medikal Explains The Notion Behind Him Declaring Wanting To Be A Bachelor Forever


AMG rapper Medikal has explained why a few weeks ago he posted on his twitter that he might remain a bachelor forever when he is known to be a relationship with contemporary singer Sister Deborah.

The rapper rendered his explanation to Sammy Forson today, August 7, on the Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy Fm. He made it clear that he was “only kidding”, adding that he and Deborah had long-term plans for their relationship.

“I was kidding when I tweeted I might not get married, sometimes I think out loud”

Sister Deborah who was also part of the interview confirmed Medikal’s explanation, adding that the tweet was just a joke.

Sister Deborah and Medikal have been in a relationship for two years. The couple confirmed reports that Deborah was older than Medikal. Sister Deborah was older than Medikal by eight years as Sister Deborah is currently 34 years old whiles Medikal is also currently 26 years old.

They assured Sammy Forson of their undying love for each other and no matter the age gap between them they were not perturbed.


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