Let’s Prioritize The Domestic Market – CEO South African Tourism


The CEO of South African Tourism Sisa Ntshona has revealed that South African Tourism made a mistake by focusing on foreigners as its target audience rather and thus neglecting its local audience.

Speaking at a private meeting with media men, Mr, Ntshona explained that focusing on the international market was not a good choice for tourism stakeholders as it omitted locals from the target market.

“The mistake that South Africa made: we prioritize international. We neglected the domestic market. And now we changing things thus let’s prioritize domestic. I want South Africans to know South Africa. I want South Africans to travel the country and then the next step becomes the continent. Continentally, I want the continent to know each other, then we can go international.”

Sisa Ntshona also added that most nationals do not know about the much about the tourist sites in their country, therefore, should a foreigner inquire of them they will have no clue.

He further asserted that the best to sell Africa was through tourism.


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