Let’s Collaborate To Boost Tourism- South African Tourism CEO to African Leaders


The CEO of South African Tourism, Sisa Nsthona has called on Travel and Tour Stakeholders in Africa to join hands in making African tourism attractive enough.

He highlighted that, it was essential to look at the broader picture(Africa) in terms of tourism. According to him, the best way to sell Africa is through tourism.

“The world looks at the whole of Africa as a country…. We must focus on changing the narrative by using that perception to our advantage… Africa has 5% of the world’s market share  in terms of tourism. All the 54 countries on the continent must therefore collaborate to make tourism worthwhile”, Sisa Nsthona said at the Tourism and Travel stakeholders’  dinner in Accra yesterday.

He was however quick to add that, among all the 54 African countries there are different tourist sites and cultures, also various countries have different priorities and levels of advancement.

However, he urged that, countries least interested in the tourism , inculcate the lucrative venture.


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