Kwaku Yeboah Calls For Investigations Into Glo US$ 1 Million Saga


Former spokesperson for the Normalization Committee (NC), Dan Kwaku Yeboah has called for a full investigation of his former boss Dr Kofi Amoah as to how Glo´s money got to him.


Kwaku Yeboah also revealed that, the money was received in cash from the telecommunication giant; and he also quizzed the process of handling the money when it got to Ghana.


̈ ̈This matter must be investigated. We are calling for the government to invest in the league, yet there is no accountability. How will the government be motivated to invest its money ̈.


̈ Glo must also answer some questions. First of all, if the money is from Nigeria, where are the traces, what bank transactions did it passed through to Ghana. They have violated the bank of Ghana´s  money laundering regulations ̈.


Kwaku stated emphatically that, it would have been disastrous if it were to be the former FA president Mr Kwasi Nyatakyi ́s tenure.  


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