Kobby Symple Fires Former Manager; Describes Him As “Evil”


Osookoo hit maker, Kobby Simple, known in real life as Godfred Kobina Abavana has described his former manager, Peterson Clearance popularly known as King Pee as evil for  deciding to paint him red on radio.


The former manager on Saturday took to Okokroko FM’s “Saturday House Fever” Entertainment show, hosted by Kweku Bee Abrante  to describe his former artist, Kobby Symple as being ungrateful and also a part of the reason they stopped working together after investing his money and time in him.


But responding to the issues, Kobby Symple described his former manager as ‘Evil” and autocratic, as he was not ready to listen to any other management member but himself.


He denied his former manager investing in him or even his song “I told you so”.

“We have not been able to take over the video of “I told you so”, because we still owe the director so why will he claim to have invested into the song, he questioned.


He also revealed that, the former manager demanded 20% of every show they played without recourse to the other management members when he hasn’t invested anything.


Kobby Symple is currently promoting his song titled  “Naughty girl”


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