Knii Lante Explains Why He Gets Emotional When Performing His “52 Ambulances” Song


Medical doctor and entertainer Nii Lante Blankson who has a showbiz name as KNii Lante has disclosed his reason for being emotional when performing his song “52 Ambulances”.

Speaking with host of ‘Showbiz Agenda’ Sammy Flex on Zylofon 102.1 FM, he said, “It has a history. It started when I went jogging about a month ago and I met a friend of mine who sort of started a conversation with me. We talked about the general direction of Ghana and then we went into this 52 ambulance issue which got stuck in my mind but I really didn’t do anything about it. A week later I happened to be passing by the hospital and there was an emergency so I was sort of robed into it and it was this girl who had fallen off a motorbike.

She was clearly in a critical state and there was a whole lot of confusion around the place and in order to stabilize the girl, we needed to move her to the critical care unit and that is where the bomb started. We were trying to get an ambulance and she was getting worse. It was a terrible situation to cut it all short but when I left the hospital that was when the ambulance issue popped up and as I processed it I was getting more and more angrier so when I got home I just started to write this song.”

He further explained that it is really a reality for him and that is the emotion out of which he wrote the song and as musicians we are supposed to be the mouth piece of the people as well as entertainers and in some cases, educators.

“one of the purposes of this song is to tell the people who are in positions or the elites within the political space who end up being in power that if they are not seeing it this is the reality on the ground that we have only 52 public ambulances as against about 30 million people and it doesn’t make sense but then you realize that there are all these luxury vehicles and luxury facilities indicating waste of resources and no galvanizing in achieving positive things.” He added.

Knii Lante is a medical doctor, singer and songwriter who performed his new song “52 Ambulances” for the first time at Blakk Rasta’s Kuchoko Root Festival.


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