Kendrick Lamar Reveals Who He’ll Play On ‘Power’ And It’s Shocking


Kendrick Lamar is all set to make his debut on Power, and if you don’t know already, the Compton rapper will be portraying a “drug addict” on the show.

As to how that came about, K. Dot recently sat down with Power creator Courtney A. Kemp and discussed how his role was developed. “I don’t wanna be something people predict or know,” he said during the sit-down interview.

More specifically, Kemp told The Wrap how Kendrick’s fanhood of Power led to him being on the show.

He said, ‘You know, I’d like to play’—well, he didn’t say ‘drug addict,’ but he used a different word. But so then we created the character Laces,” Kemp said.

“We had already broken part of the season, and we were always going to have 50’s character [Kanan] use someone else to kill a bunch of ‘tinos. So those two things came together very naturally. We already had the idea in place. And then Sophia Derry wrote this incredible script and this incredible character in Laces, for Kendrick to play. And he showed up to win, you know?”

Kemp denies the assertion that bringing in Kendrick to the show was to provide a ratings boost.

“It was much more about, here’s an artist that we respect and he wants to come play in our sandbox, let’s give him the best quality sand, buckets and shovels we can,” she said.

“Let’s all get in there, yeah let’s play. We love to play here, you know?”


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