Kaywa Denies Nana Boroo’s Condom Allegation


Renowned sound engineer David Kojo Kyei, known in Showbiz circles as Kaywa, has denied claims by singer Nana Boroo that he used to purchase condoms, lubricants, and vibrators from him.

In an interview with Doreen Andoh on The Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy FM, the ‘Aha Yɛ Dɛ hitmaker disclosed that he used to sell condoms, lubricants, and vibrators to Kaywa before he got into the music scene.

But speaking to Hitz FM, Kaywa admitted that although Nana Boroo sold condoms and vibrators at his studio “he never sold any to me personally, I don’t need it.”

The CEO of Highly Spiritual Music record label explained that his studio always had artistes and people around which made it a good place for business.

“He sold at my studio because he knew that was where he could easily get in contact with artistes and other people who came to my studio,” he added.

According to Kaywa, he is an open-minded person and so, he does not discriminate against anyone and respects the choices that people make.


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