Kanye Gave Himself A New Title Inspired By Prince And Michael Jackson


Kanye West has referred to himself as many things, and some of his desired titles he’s deserved

Creator, designer and pioneer are some of the descriptions West has earned over the years but to him, it’s more about what he doesn’t want to be called.

On Twitter, ‘Ye says being called a “singer” or “rapper” limits musician’s contributions to society.

“Music is an art form,” he tweeted. “When reporters call me “the singer,” the rapper” or even the “pop star” there’s an air of condescension and patronization. Those kinds of journalist are acting like they’re better than us.

“It’s just another example of elitism and classism. If you read Prince or Michael’s Wikipedia their title is recording artist,” he continued in another tweet. “Moving forward anyone working in music should be referred to as a recording artist.”

Welp, there you have it. Actually, he does have a point if you think about it.


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