K.K Fosu Fights Archipalago Over Shatta Wale


Renowned highlife/hiplife singer, K.K Fosu has taken a pop at Achipalago for the ¨silly¨ remarks he passed about Shatta Wale in an Instagram video.

Archipalago was spotted mocking the Dancehall artiste because eczema had developed behind his neck.

He added that, despite his wealth he cannot buy Alata Samina and use it to bathe well.

The New York-based social media celebrity said:

“Information reaching me states that, Ezcema has developed behind someone’s neck……upon all your 1 million dollar mansion with swimming pools, you couldn’t buy Alata Samina and use it to bathe?

Many were those who condemned Archipalago’s actions. Among the majority was K.K Fosu, popularly known as D-styler.

He cautioned Archipalago to desist from trolling his stars unhealthily on social media.

In a video, KK Fosu, born Kaakyire Kwame Fosu spoke in Shatta Wale’s defence:

“…….Wake up, we are your stars. Why, is Shatta Wale the only person who has ever developed eczema in this world ……you cannot afford to live even half of Shatta’s lifestyle. Don’t compare yourself to him. You are only a pauper in the United States.

Archipalago and KK Fosu have since, had a couple of exchanges on Instagram.

This whole banter begun when Shatta Wale posted a picture of him, after a clean haircut with assorted designs given to him by @iam_celebrity_barber whom he sought to promote.

The picture attracted lots of comments about a not-so-visible eczema development behind his neck. Blabbermouth Archipalago took to Instagram to troll the self-acclaimed Dancehall king.







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