Joselyn Dumas gushes out over bad press


Actress and TV presenter Joselyn Dumas has said she didn’t know how she drove to work after getting a bad press that said she was unprofessional and talentless while hosting the defunct show, The One Show, on ViaSat One.
Speaking on the fourth episode of her new TV show, Keeping It Real With Joselyn Dumas, she described that as her worst moment since she started as a TV presenter.
“When I started doing The One Show on ViaSat One, I got some really bad press about the fact that I was horrible and a really bad presenter. The write-up said I was talentless, unprofessional the producer should come and take over because she is a better person to do the job. I don’t even know how I drove to work,” she narrated.
In 2010, Francis Doku, a Graphic Showbiz columnist, did a review of The One Show and suggested that Joselyn was a wrong person to host the show.
According to him, Anita Erskine should have been the host of the show instead of producing the show.
“I have four things to say about the presenter and that would be it. One, she should lift the questions off the paper or prompter and ask them as her own – she should not read them. Two, she should get a grasp of the show and present it. Three, Anita Erskine should get off the flip side as producer and sit in front of the camera; this is her kind of show, unless some legality debars her from doing that. Four, they should keep the girl and coach her till she perfects the art,” he wrote and those were the words that Joselyn seemed to have not forgotten.
Interestingly, she hosted the show with PY Boateng for a longer period until Anita took over in October 2014.
She now hosts the new TV reality show which started airing on GhOne TV.
As to whether Joselyn agreed with Francis Doku’s review at the time is yet another question to ask. However, she gushed out about the review as she and her panel discussed the topic: ‘Strength Through Pain’.
She was joined by Lawrencia Owusu, a victim of arranged marriage and a mother of two, and Nana Esi Duker, who is a sickle cell survivor discussing the how they have lived through the life-defining moments in their lives.
Keeping Up With Joselyn Dumas is a reality TV talk show that runs on GhOne TV every Saturday at 8:00pm. The host, Joselyn Dumas, invites friends and industry players to discuss issues pertaining health, relationships, business, social and other relevant issues based on personal experiences.
The reality TV series is produced by Virgo Sun Production.


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