I’ve Not Bleached, It’s Called Skin Toning – Actress Ella Mensah


Nigerian based Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah says she has not bleached her skin.

The actress claims her change in complexion is only as a result of skin toning and good weather.

In an exclusive interview with zylofonmediaonline.com, Ella said she had to change her complexion because her dark skin did not look good on screen.

“A director told me that my skin does not look appealing in the camera. He advised that toning my skin will help my acting career”, she said.

In an early interview, Ella revealed to Sammy Flex of Showbiz Agenda that she has never applied bleaching cream on her skin, however, she takes in pills to enhance her skin tone.

“If you take in pills to become fair, it’s not called bleaching. That’s what I did”, she emphasized.

The actress has starred in several movies alongside some great names in the movie industry.

Her remarkable role in movies like “Restless Pendulum”, “Bed Of Roses”, “Playboy”, “Her Excellency”, “Pretty Queen” and many more cannot be forgotten.


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