I’m Tired Of Cheating On My Wife  – Barima Sydney Confesses


Ghanaian rap artiste, Barima Sydney has made a shocking revelation in an interview as according to him, he has lost count of the number of times he cheated on his wife.

In an interview on Radio Univers, the musician tried to justify cheating on his wife of fifteen years, by claiming that, every man cheats.

He asserted, “I’ve cheated on my wife several times and I’m even tired. I won’t come on your platform and lie to you and your listeners. I’m human so I’ve cheated on my wife on several occasions.”

Conversely, Barima says he has quit the act, as cheating, for him is a thing of the past.

Sydney further backed his claims with the holy book, which says that if you look at a woman lustfully, you have already committed an adultery.

According to him, every man on earth, married or unmarried, have looked at a woman lasciviously before.


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