“If You Can’t Tell A Story, You Can’t Rap” – Reggie Rockstone To Some Ghanaian Musicians


Reginald Yaw Asante Ossei the “Grandpapa of Hiplife”, also known as  Reggie Rockstone has taken a pop at some current Ghanaian musicians who are not creative.

Speaking on Hitz FM’s “Cruise Control” show hosted by Mercury Quaye, he said that he cannot understand why one would label himself a creative act person and yet can’t paint images with lyrics when doing songs.

He maintained that, most of the hip-hop artistes don’t do enough research and also don’t learn from veteran artistes who paved the way in the music industry – “that is why their songs don’t inspire me”.

Reggie, after Mercury played a rap song he sampled from music legend Fela Kuti, said “If you can’t tell a story you can’t rap. These kids ain’t rapping no more. We were rocking these metaphors and similes…”

He added that, “I don’t listen too much of the current hip hop… a lot of the new music doesn’t inspire and does nothing to me. I don’t like the mumble rap. I like to feed my soul with good music so I don’t listen to junk music…”.


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