Idi Kooko Must Step Down – Kojo Preko


Radio personality and programs manager for Kasapa FM, Kojo Preko has called on current FAIPAG president, Augustine Abbey, also known as Idi Kooko to step down.

He alleged that, if care is not taken, Idi Kooko will cause the collapse of the organization.

In an interview on the Wednesday edition of Showbiz Agenda, Preko expressed his concern for the well being of FAIPAG and advised that, its members should ensure that Idi Kooko steps down.

“It is time Idi Kooko stepped down as president of FAIPAG. His actions go to prove that he is not fit for the position. If care is not taken,he will cause the collapse of the organization”, he said.

Kojo Preko had earlier mooted the idea of demoting Idi, to take up other roles rather than the presidency, but came back to re-emphasize his concerns by presenting a letter to the body.

He also stressed that, Idi Kooko has breached the constitution of FAIPAG on several occasions.

¨Augustine Abbey, despite his 6-year stay in office, has not contributed in improving situations for movie producers in Ghana¨, Preko added.

“Movie producers in Ghana are planning a demonstration against FIPAG concerning their levies being blocked by copyright and Attorney General. It will be very disastrous if FIPAG collapses under Idi Kooko’s term, so he should step aside”, he said


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