I Warned Nyantakyi About ‘Hypocrite’ Isaac Asiamah – Alhaji Grusah


The Bankroller of King Faisal Alhaji Karim Grusah has launched a scathing attack on Sports Minister Isaac Asiamah, describing him as a ‘hypocrite’ and ‘pretender’.

According to Alhaji, he forewarned Kwesi Nyantakyi about the pretentious nature of the Sports Minister but the former GFA capo failed to heed to his caution.

“I told Kwesi Nyantakyi to be extra careful with Hon. Isaac Asiamah. He smiles with you but hates you deep down. Hon Isaac Asiamah classmates have told me about his character.”

“Hon. Isaac Asiamah denied me of the stadium renovation work. He refused to give me the job.”

“I don’t want to talk about Hon. Isaac Asiamah because people think I hate him because he denied me a contract.”

I have all the rights to feel bad or hate him for denying me that contract. I have been an NPP member longer than him despite the fact he is MP and a minister.

He said, ” What I have done for NPP, Hon Isaac Asiamah can’t do the same before he dies because he doesn’t want to learn and does not know what he is doing.”

“If Hon. Isaac Asiamah is refusing to help the media, then the media should stop helping him. I am the right person to be the next GFA president.”

The experienced Administrator claims Dr Amoah shouldn’t have given directly the money directly, rather he should have given it the technical team and coach to share it to the players.

He said, ” Dr Kofi Amoah didn’t do well by sharing dollars to players. He didn’t apply his maturity. He should have given the money to the technical team or the coach to share it to the players. That’s how it was supposed to be done.”

“The Liason team clearly don’t know what they are doing. I’ve been trying to have a meeting with President Nana Akufo Addo but to no avail,” he added.

He continued, “Hearts and Kotoko are the only clubs that can help us in this predicament that we are in currently. I ‘ve benefited from doing football but currently, I won’t advise anyone to invest in Ghana football now.”

“It’s nonsense to have allowed Eddies Doku who was captured in the video taking the bribe to sign their petition to FIFA.”

Alhaji Grusah believes he can turn things around if voted the new GFA President hence, he is ready to contest for the position.

“I am the only one that can save the game.”

“Just give me 4 years and I will turn around the game for the best. I will change a lot of things when I am the next GFA president,” he said.

“Insuah Allahu, I will contest for the GFA presidency in 2019. I am not joking. SWAG president Kwabena Yeboah will be my special aid to help with his big English.”

“The only thing that will prevent me from contesting next year is sickness.”


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