I Only Date Men Who Own A G-Wagon Or Bentley- Jacinta


Many actresses in the past have made it clear that a car is one of the many things they will consider before saying yes to a guy and Comedienne Jacinta Ocansey is saying she is not an exception.

Addressing issues surrounding her allege broken relationship with Kalybos,she said,”any man that approaches her must own an automobile but not just a mere car”.

Differentiating between a car and an automobile, the comedienne disclosed that the Toyota Corolla, Picanto i10, Hyundai are cars and the automobile comprises of the luxurious machines like Bentley, G-Wagon, and many others.

She quickly added that she will consider a man with a car when he approaches her if she realises that he has the vision to acquire an automobile in a few days.

Aside from the expensive cars she will look out for before saying yes to a man, Jacinta also mentioned that she needs a man who is not troublesome.


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