I Have Great Respect For Moesha Boduong – X Doe Reveals


X Doe has made known his respect and admiration for Ghanaian actress, Moesha Boduong in an interview on Zylofon FM.

Contrary to the opinions of many Ghanaians, the hip hop musician says he respects the actress for her honesty.

He asserted, “I really respect and admire her because she is bold enough to speak the truth unlike many others”

Remember few months back, Moesha was trolled on social media for seemingly tarnishing the image of all Ghanaian women in an interview on CNN, where she mentioned that, the state of the Ghana’s economy demands that, women sleep with wealthy men for money.

But X Doe holds a different opinion from most, as according to him, it takes a daring woman to be that truthful irrespective of the situation.

He made reference to another interview where Moesha revealed that, in order to approach her as a man, you should at least own a corolla.

“Many women are scared to speak the truth on such matters, though that is the truth on the grounds, but not Moesha”, he concluded.


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