I Don’t Manipulate People To Behave Like Blind People For Rev Obofour -Aunty Bee

Following series of reports by the media that Kumasi based prophet Rev. Obofour has bought a brand new car for Efiewura actress, Aunty Bee, which she confirmed by herself in an exclusive interview with Nana Romeo on Accra FM, she has also refuted claims that, because she is popular, she deceives people and Manipulate them to behave like disabled people just to drive more members for Rev Obofour.
However,  according to  the host Nana Romeo, some Ghanaians stress that, it is a  business strategy between the Kumasi based Rev Obofour and the Efiewura actress.
But refuting the claims, Aunty Bee explained saying, ” It is false. I can never do that. As for Rev Obofour he is a giver, so the fact that he gave me a car does not mean i manipulate people to behave as if they are blind and so on, because am popular. He even gave Wayoosi a car too but Wayoosi has never attended his church. So can you say Grace Ashy also connive with him just to bring people to pretend they are blind?” she quizzed.
She added, ” I am not defending Rev Obofour, but if you speak about him it affects me. It is not only him but all pastors. He is a giver, if people are seriously sick he put in much effort just to help them. He is even planning harder to fly a sick lady to India for treatment,” she said on Accra FM.
Explaining why the car was given to her, Aunty Bee stated, ” I am a celebrity and the same way other celebrities are given houses, cars and tickets to travel that is the same way Rev. Obofour can also give me a car. If I haven’t been able to buy a car while acting I deserve this car as a celebrity,”.
She further explained, Rev. Obofour pays her driver as well.
When asked  to gave any memory verse to sign off, she said” The only memory verse I know in the Bible is “I and my father are one”.
The host was however surprised  at her because she only remember John 10:30 and nothing more.
But Aunty Bee cited, “that is why am not a pastor”.
Aunty Bee was given a Hyundai Lantra by Rev Obofour some months ago, which became a big conversation in the media.


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