I Don’t Have Any Political Ambition- MzBel


Outspoken veteran songstress, Mzbel says though she is politically active, she does not intend taking up any political office in future.

In an exclusive interview with Sammy Flex on Zylofon 102.1 FM’s Showbiz Agenda, the “16 years” hitmaker stated emphatically that, her campaigns for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) prior to the 2016 elections, was to see her beloved party stay in power; but has never given thoughts to contesting any political office (now or in future).

Born, Belinda Nana Akua Amoah, MzBel also spoke about how people react to some actions of celebrities.

“Sometimes we want to act silly but we are compelled to act carefully.  I don’t know how to be careful. I don’t have the dead goat syndrome. I listen to what my fans say, but I just cannot be careful when I’m doing what makes me happy”, she highlighted.

She is a strong advocate against Christianity. According to MzBel, she does not believe in Jesus Christ and all the doctrines in the New Testament of Bible.

“I am no longer a Christian. I have joined the Jews now. I’m learning some of the Jewish teachings.”

MzBel released “Tongues” early 2018, alluding to the abusive use of the spiritual language by the Christendom.

She explained that those incantations are not real because those who say those words are not led by the spirit and thus, cannot interpret into a common language.

She quoted some lines in “Tongues”, and intimated, “The tongues I was saying in my song has meaning and I have explained in my song. Unlike me, the tongues said in church has no meaning.”

She used to operate and manage a clothing line, Michie Bellino Clothing, which is non-existent now.

Mzbel recently secured a job as radio talk show host of Onua 95.1 FM’s “Odo nsor”; where there are discussions relating to love, sex, relationship and lifestyle.


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