My Calling Is Different From My Father´s– Eno Barony


Ghanaian writer and songwriter, Ruth Nana Serwaa Nyame popularly known as Eno Barony has said emphatically that she will not stop doing rap music because her father is a man of God.

The rapper says she has been called to conduct by family, friends and the public concerning the genre of music she does because her father is a preacher.

“I have so many people telling me to stop doing rap because my father is a pastor. Though the things they say about my career gets to me, it would not affect my career”, she stressed.

Speaking on her dad’s reaction to her chosen profession, she admitted that he was strongly against it initially, but his support has been encouraging in recent times.

My dad did not support me when I started, but now he seems cool. Though he thinks some of the content in my rap is too harsh, he has been quite supportive. He advises me to include gospel lyric in my music”, she said.

According to Eno, her father’s calling is different from her’s, hence, she appeals to the public to support her God-given talent instead of trying to bring her down.


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