I Cannot Beg Daddy Lumba- Anokye Supremo


In the midst of heated misunderstanding between renowned Highlife act,Daddy Lumba and his look alike, Anokye Supremo, the latter has revealed that he cannot apologize to Daddy Lumba.

Both parties are currently in court over alleged cases of Anokye Supremo impersonating the ‘Aben Wo Ha’ hitmaker.

Though the court is  yet to summon the case, Anokye Supremo told Arnold on Vibes In 5 that he is not ready to beg Daddy Lumba to withdraw the case or forgive him because he  never committed any crime in the first place.

Moreover, he does not know what triggered the court action.

“I cannot beg Daddy Lumba because I haven’t done anything wrong, Apologizing to him would make it seem like I have really  committed an offence against him. Meanwhile, I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Anokye Supremo was formerly known as Daddy Lumba Junior. He emerged actively on the music scene after partaking in “Just Like You”, a TV Africa reality show.

He became very popular for his striking resemblance with Daddy Lumb,a his music style and ability to sing and perform most of his songs.

Anokye Supremo has songs like Fa Me Twa and Hash Wuish among others, to his credit.



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