“I Can Act Real Drama Roles Apart From Comedy”-Kalybos


Most actors in the Ghana movie industry seem to be more comfortable with the comic acts and surprisingly that has made them more popular compared to their counterparts who do not add any comic relief in their movies and Kalybos is one of such actors whose popularity is as a result of comedy.

Speaking to Sammy Flex on ‘Showbiz Agenda’ on Zylofon 102.1, he stated that, “it all depends on what you start acting with. My comfort zone and how I started acting had to do with comic act so that was the mindset of people that, “Kalybos does comedy” but then again, there is more to an actor. If you’ve not pushed that role to him yet, you wouldn’t know.

I recently did a movie “Kubolo” and I played a real drama character though there was one or two comedy in it. Through this movie, i changed a lot of perception during the first premiere in Kumasi. People came out and were in tears because they didn’t know I could be this emotional so it all has to do with what you give to the actor to do and if the actor is that good, and can play around the role it can be perfect.

Kalybos known in real life as Richard Asante is a hilarious actor who is humble and very down to earth and recently featured in a movie titled, “Kubolo”.


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