I Am Still The Dancehall Dada – Mr. Logic


Following his scandal in an event at Akuma Village, Dancehall promoter and artiste manager, Mr. Logic still maintains his stance on being the “dancehall Dada” in Ghana.

He told Sammy Flex of Zylofon 102.1 FM that despite all the backlash he got after publicly calling himself the “Dancehall Dada, the title still holds.

“Sammy, everybody knows that I am the Dancehall Dada. There’s no argument there. I own 60% shares in Ghanaian dancehall and that’s an undisputable fact”, he said.

According to sources, Mr Logic made an appearance at a gathering in Akuma Village where upon calling himself the “Dancehall Dada”, he maltreated by some natives of the town, who claim he does not deserve that title.

However, Mr. Logic, who recently announced he was switching camps to do highlife, says his decision was not driven by what happened.

“I am going into highlife strongly but not because of what happened. In fact, I think what happened is not an issue at all. highlife is my new agenda, but come what may, I am still the Dancehall Dada”, he said.


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