I Am Capable Of Leading A Revolution Of The Youth – Shatta Wale


Acclaimed Dancehall King Shatta Wale has predicted that a time is coming in Ghana where the youth will start up a revolution against the political powers of the nation and he will be the best person to lead that revolution.

He argued that the youth were “tired and fed up with the politicians” and a time is coming that “the youth will rebel” and they will “need a voice to look up to.”

He made this assertion today, August 6, on Traffic Avenue with Jessica Opare-Sarfo on Citi FM when asked if he had any hopes of ascending the seat of Presidency of the nation.

He made it clear that he was not interested in the highest seat of office in the nation but when the revolution comes, he has the best “capacity” to represent the Ghanaian youth.

“I have not considered ever wanting to be President. But I believe it will get to a time that the youth will rebel and they will look up to a voice.

“I will represent the youth of Ghana in any capacity they want me to. I believe we need to give the youth a chance.

I understand the street life much better than any other politician. I won’t be surprised one day to find people calling me to be President.”

He added, in as much he has no interest in being president, it will however not surprise him if in the future he was named a president.

Shatta Wale today announced that the official concert for his “The Reign Album” had been slated for the 13th of October at the Fantasy Dome in Accra.


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