Hope For Customers As Menzgold Meets All SEC Requirements


Customers of gold dealing company, Menzgold Ghana Limited may now have a sigh of relief as credible information reaching your most authoritative news website Asembi.com indicates that the gold dealing firm has been able to meet all requirement of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) following days of deliberation between the two parties.

According to our source who agreed to speak to us on condition of anonymity, Menzgold was able to provide all the documents requested by the SEC, offering a glimmer of hope to its customers who have been left frustrated for days following the temporal shutting down of the company.

It is not known as to when Menzgold would resume operations but per the information available to this website, it may be sooner rather than later, with Menzgold now awaiting permission from the SEC to do so, having met their requirements.

The SEC is expected to take some days to go through the documents presented to them, after which they will determine the fate of Menzgold and its customers, who have various pounds of Gold (Aurum Utalium) locked at the firm.

This represents the first breakthrough for Menzgold since its impasse with state institutions began.


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