“Hiplife Is Not Dead”- Prince Bright (BukBak)


Some people are of the view that these days hiplife artistes are no longer doing the kind of hiplife Ghanaians used to enjoy back then. They are of the view that hiplife is dead but Prince Bright of BukBak fame believes hiplife is not dead and all we need do is maintain what we have as Ghanaians.

Expressing his view on Zylofon 102.1 FM on ‘Showbiz Agenda’ with Sammy Flex, he asserted that, “there is nothing like hiplife is dead if hiplife was dead i wouldn’t get emotional when you were spinning my records. I mean it is still alive and was still hitting me in the core so i don’t think it’s dead, we just have to revisit.

My only problem is let’s not deviate too much from what we already have if not then we’re shooting ourselves in the foot and be bashing ourselves for not getting the support. We should maintain what we have now, go back to the old folks, tap from them and seek their advice. Now its even easier, you don’t have to work too hard compared to back then.”

He added that we should be proud as Africans and as Ghanaians , we should stay authentic so that we can project the Ghanaian music.


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