Highlife Is The Biggest Selling Genre From Ghana – Holdbrook-Smith


CEO of Harmattan Booking Agency, Paa K Holdbrook-Smith has revealed that highlife music is the most marketable genre from Ghana.

Responding to a question as to which Ghanaian genre sells the country more to the outside world, Holdbrook-Smith answered in the affirmative.

¨I don´t want to sound controversial, but I must say highlife is the most marketable music genre than any other Ghanaian genre¨, he said on Showbiz Agenda on Zylofon 102.1 FM

¨The notion that, we have to adopt the western style to be accepted and marketed, is rather the opposite. The most successful musicians are those who play highlife, but unfortunately they are those unknown and revered. Out there, they are held in high esteem, so we must revise our perception, and be authentic¨, he added.

He also advised Ghanaian musicians to be natural, since traditionally we are acoustically known, and limit the use of electronic sound.



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