Hearts Of Oak Bigger Than Kotoko – Nyaho-Tamakloe


Former Ghana FA chairman and Board Chairman of Accra Hearts of Oak, Dr Nyaho Nyaho Tamakloe claims his club is in a better position than Asante Kotoko when it comes to the management of football.

Dr Tamakloe’s comments come after some members of their sworn rivals criticized Hearts of Oak for the hasty migration to the Pobiman training facility.

“We have a lot of clubs. You see them making noise. Look, Kotoko does not come close to us when it comes to management,” he said at the club’s Annual General Meeting.

However, the astute politician also called on the fans and members of Hearts of Oak to refrain from making unpalatable comments about the club and the Board Chairman, Togbui Afede IV, who he believes is carrying a very huge burden at the club.

“Amongst the people here, very few people know Accra Hearts of Oak than I do. If you know the load on the board, you will never make certain comments. There are times that I ask myself how can one sacrifice his time, energy and money so that this club will not die off.

“Look at the members of the board carefully and you will know that none of them will be interested in Hearts of Oak money. By the way, what money have we got? Nothing!

“Please the burden on the management, particularly the burden on the chairman of the club is not a joke,” he added.


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