Government Must Continue What We Started – Gomashie


Former deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Dzifa Gomashie says she wished the current administration overseeing the tourism and creative arts industry, will continue with the good work her administration did.

Speaking to Zylofon 102.1 Fm in an exclusive interview at the press launch of the Ghana Poetry Festival, held at the Accra Arts Center on Tuesday May 22, Gomashie explained that her team understood exactly what they wanted to do.

¨It is my wish that the new administration will not neglect what we started, because hat we understand exactly what we wanted to do. It was not just in name, but it was in content, quality and those we assembled to think through what the creative arts sector and the cultural sector needed, were people who have taught it, understand it, practiced it and are advocates¨, she said.

¨You could not have the likes of Kwaw Ansah, Esi Sutherland, Akunu Dake, Koku Amarteifio sitting at a table to discuss the creative arts sector; failing to succeed. These are the prominent people who sat around the table with us, so we didn’t just come up with all the things we are advocating to be passed into law. We pooled people who understood the tenets of the industry and what the journey is about¨, she opined.

The former actress is the Chief Executive Officer of Values of Life, an NGO and organizers of the Ghana Poetry Festival, added that there was no need putting a new team together, since her team are well vested in the sector to provide every sort of help.

¨There is no need to re-invent the wheel,by putting together a new team. Any new team without those I had during my time at the ministry, will not be good¨, she continued.


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