Gospel Ministers Should Be Allowed To Flaunt Expensive Items – Samuel Séy


UK-based Ghanaian gospel minister, Samuel Séy, has jumped to the defense of gospel artistes and pastors who are fond of flaunting their luxurious possessions.

In an interview with Hitz Fm, the gospel minister and  fashionista said it is never wrong for gospel musicians or ministers to show off expensive items.

He continued to say, “If you can afford it, if you have it, for me I think you need to wear it. I don’t think if you’re gospel artiste or a Christian or worship minister you don’t have to wear expensive clothes or brand clothes”.

According to the ‘Kronkron’ singer, a number of people criticize him for his appearance but a lot of people also admire his fashion sense.

The 2019 Ghana Music Awards ‘UK-Based Uncovered Artiste of the Year’ also stressed that being a Christian doesn’t mean one must look weird just to preach humility.

Samuel Séy feels that individuals, irrespective of their faith, should be allowed to wear what they like as long it is decent and they can afford it.

He concluded by saying, there is no crime if a gospel artiste decides to buy a wristwatch worth $150,000 just like Nigerian singer Davido did.


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