Good Guys Hardly Approach Me – Actress Laments


Popular perception about women in media is that, they are “high maintenance” women, this perception scares most men away from them.

This is not the case of actress and TV presenter, Gloria Safo, as she has received several advances from the opposite sex, however, she has bemoaned the type of men who approach her.

The actress has tagged these men as “not good” men. She explains that, they are not men who come in with the mindset of settling down and starting a family

Gloria, who has an undying wish for marriage and family, complained bitterly that some men approach her because they want to drive on her celebrity status, for their own good

“Men come to me every day with proposals but those men are not very serious. They come in with their own agenda”, she said.

The Efiewura actress says she is not growing any younger and encourages responsible men who truly admire her to gather courage and approach her.

Gloria says she has resorted to thinking of her predicament as a bad omen, as she considers herself every man’s dream woman, but can’t find a man for herself.



  1. Good men dont just get up and start approaching women. So before they actually do, they take a lot of things into consideration. One such thing they really consider is decency in your dressing. For example, your breast is a “PRIVATE” part, cover it up. Good men will consider the fact that you want everyone to see what should be a privilege to them. Just my piece of advice though, you are not bound to take it. safe.


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