Ghanaians Do Not Appreciate My Style – Nana Yaa Slams Critics


Soul singer Nana Yaa has mentioned that authenticity is not appreciated much in the creative arts industry in Ghana.

She made this assertion, in respect of the negative verbal attacks she is constantly subjected to, regarding her sense of fashion.

“I have this brand…..I try to represent Ghana and Africa… I try to be as authentic as possible and I have notice one thing about our industry, they don’t appreciate that, she uttered

In an interview with, the “My Hunnyhitmaker revealed that people usually described her as not being attractive enough.

“I have had people tell my team that I don’t look attractive…. This is because I rock Kente, beads, cowries……Some people don’t like that because I don’t rock weaves, Brazilian hair….blablaabla

She bemoaned how people attached superstitions to her regular use of cowries especially, for adornment to compliment every outfit she dons.

“People usually pass negative remarks about the cowries. Some say I’m overdoing it. Others even link it to juju and all kinds of superstitious beliefs.”

Nana Yaa made it known that she is the first female artiste to incorporate cowries in her outfits as part of her brand.

She added that aside using cowries, she tries as much as possible to depict Ghana and Africa, all the time in her dressing.

“Everybody in Ghana knows that I started rocking the cowries……. now, I can name few female singers who rock the Kente, cowries yet no one gives me credit for that and I don’t really mind.

Nana Yaa, who became popular featuring on a number of Kojo Antwi´s songs, concluded by urging Ghanaians to try to always represent their origins proudly.


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