Ghanaian Music Lack Professionalism – DJ Ashmen


Muse Africa nominee, DJ Ashmen in an interview with blogger Kobby Kyei revealed the unprofessional style of Ghanaian music.

He stated in the interview that, the way Ghanaian songs are produced are not professional, it lacks promotion strategy and it makes it difficult for Ghanaians to accept their own.  Meaning most Ghanaian songs lack clarity.

He also revealed most listeners request for foreign songs instead of Ghanaian songs at events and he as a DJ will have to go according to his listeners request. The reason is, most foreign songs are produced professionally.

The DJ revealed most Ghanaians have stopped listening to Ghanaian music which are mostly played on radio and have developed the interest listening to street songs which are foreign.

He concluded saying Ghanaian musicians should produce quality songs and also promote their songs well to reach a large audience.


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