Ghana Media Is Really Cheap –  One James


Switzerland based Ghanaians Showbiz Critique, One James has described the media in Ghana as very cheap.

In a three-minute audio which was aired on Zylofon FM’s Showbiz Agenda, James pointed out some of the problems causing our music industry to suffer.

He outlined several pointers, one of which was the fact that, it is too easy for foreign music to make waves in Ghana because the media is cheap.

“You have sold yourself so cheap. The standard should be set higher or we will keep suffering”, he said.

He fumed over the opportunities freely given out to foreign musicians, whereas the same is not accorded to Ghanaian artiste who travel out.

According to him, Nigerians who have not made fame in their country target Ghana’s radio platforms to increase his following, and in turn, fans in Nigeria.

James also quizzed as to how many Ghanaian artistes have landed interviews on any of Nigeria’s biggest radio platforms.

Meanwhile, some of Ghana’s headlining radio stations have hosted several foreign acts, even those who have very low acceptance in their own countries.

“You should only grant interviews to platinum selling foreign artistes, this is the only way forward”, he added.


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