Ghana Football Association Will Now Be Known As Ghana Football Federation


The government of Ghana through the Attorney General´s Department has allegedly triggered both Act 179 (The Company´s Act) as well as Act 180 (The Official Liquidation´s Act), to formally dissolve the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and replace it with Ghana Football Federation (GFF).

Last Saturday, a Deputy Attorney General, Joseph Dinkiok Kpemka, revealed on Joy FM’s news analysis program, Newsfile, that the government was determined to clean up the rot at the FA and would, therefore, trigger the necessary legal processes this week that could ensure the FA, currently without clear leadership, was dissolved to assuage the anger of Ghanaians.

He indicated that the government would trigger both the Company’s act and the Official Liquidations Act, as part of the legal regime necessary to ensure the dissolution of the GFA, a limited liability company.

Last Friday, the police cordoned off the FA Secretariat at Ridge in Accra and declared the premises a crime scene, thus preventing officials of the football administration from accessing the offices.

“We have two main laws that we are going to trigger in this – Act 179, which is the Company’s Act and Act 180, Section 4, which is the Official Liquidation Act.

“We will trigger the processes there that would lead to, if need be, winding up and a takeover. The Registrar’s powers and Attorney General’s powers will be invoked in this processes,” said the Deputy Attorney General.

Mr Kpemka said the government was minded by the mood of Ghanaians, one of disapproval at the rot at the FA since the documentary was first aired last Wednesday, and would ensure that the process to dissolve the FA was “immediate” and the actions taken would comply with the necessary laws of the country.

The government, he added, would act in a manner that would be legal and also satisfy the anger of the public.

“What is going on is part of the legal processes to dissolve the GFA. The police have gone to cordon off the place and say it’s a crime scene. They [police] have gone through the legal processes to do what they are doing,” assured the Deputy Attorney General.




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