Getting Off Sony Music Gave Me More Opportunities – Y Cee


Nigerian rapper, Y Cee has announced that, ending his contract with New York based global music corporation, Sony Music paved way for his career.

He explained that his distribution contract with the label  did not hold because his management was still doing most of the work on their own.

He also indicated that, most African artiste feel “big” when they are signed onto international labels whose brands are merely a smokescreen, whereas they have nothing better to provide.

He asserted, “Most times African artistes think getting signed onto the big labels is a big deal,I realized Sony couldn’t do much for me.”

Though he appreciated the recognition that the contract gave him, Y Cee indicated that, he was not benefiting from the deal since the returns was not encouraging as compared to the investment that went in.

“We had to terminate our contract with Sony Music. I did not see why my management was doing exactly what the contract mandated that Sony Music did”, he explained.

However the rapper mentioned that, the split from Sony was amicable as both parties came to an agreement to terminate the contract.

The Tiny Music signee stated that,  his career has taken a milestone since, however, he is still working to sustain his brand in the industry.



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