George Afriyie Has Lost It – Alhaji Raji


Former CHALCA chief, Alhaji Raji has disclosed that former GFA veep, George Afriyie has lost the opportunity of heading Ghana football.


Raji is blaming Afriyie for declaring his intention earlier than being cautious.


¨I think he has lost it. If I were George Afriyie, I wouldn’t have behaved how he acted. The FA presidency was his but, he didn’t manage the situation well . He should have really given his decision a critical thought before, declaring his intention¨, Alhaji Raji stated


¨George Afriyie should blame himself if he doesn’t win the FA presidency in 2019¨, Raji opined.


According to him, the mantle for the Vice presidency position has now fallen on Executive Committee member, Nana Banyin Eyison.


¨Nana Banyin Eyison looks the best candidate to step into the shoes of George Afriyie. He has gained much experience over the period and he stands a chance of deputizing for Nyantakyi. So I believe he will be a good choice for the Vice presidency¨,  Alhaji Raji added.


Nyantakyi whose term ends in 2019, has been coy on whether he will be contesting for another term or not, after leading Ghana football for thirteen (13) years.


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