Gafah, Twellium and Edem Fairre Foundations Fete Nima Residents


Gafah Foundation together with Twellium Foundation, Edemfairre Foundation has feted 5000 Nima residents as part of activities to mark the festive season.

The food items included fruit drinks, a pack of rice, bottled water and pastries.

The event which was organized on the Al Waleed Bin Talal Highway brought together both adults and children of the Nima community.

The Founder of the Gafah Foundation, Ms Benedicta Gafah, in an interview said fetting the less privileged in Nima was a way of showing love and care to people.

She stated that the event was not going to be a day show as it is in the interest of her foundation to do this every year.

”We are not only targeting Accra but also other regions across the country, she added.

Ms Gafah urged the well-to-do in the society to help the needy in society with the little they have as a way of showing care and most importantly it attracts blessings from God.

The Gafah Foundation which started this initiative since 2012 does not only fete the less privileged in society but also present donations to widows in the society.

The United Nations (UN) Youth Ambassador for Hunger, Ms Edem Farrie, said it was an initiative for her ‘Zero Hunger’ project.

She said in the cause of giving back to the society, sustainable development plans were made to eradicate or reduce hunger globally.

Ms Farrie urged the youth to be safe in the cause of celebrating this festive season and also avoid violence as we enter into and election year.



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