FDGG President Is Destroying The Movie Industry In Ghana – Zachariah Abdullai


General secretary for the Film Producers Association Of Ghana, Zachariah Abdullai has accused Richard Boateng, President of the Film Directors Guild of Ghana of sabotage against the movie industry.

He stated that, the industry has gone down as a result of fragmentation, and just when measures were put in place to curb the situation, Richard is working against the agenda.

Zachariah’s submissions were as a result of the name change of the movie industry to Gollywood.

According to him, the rebranding of the industry was an initiative championed solely by the FDGG and its members.

He says no consensus was held to decide on the name and FDGG’s actions is only going to deteriorate the current state of the industry.

He stated further that, Richard is merely seeking attention and advices Ghanaians to pay no attention to him.

“He want attention and fame. He is hurting the industry with his actions”, he revealed on Showbiz Agenda.



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