FDGG Is Not A Recognized Organization According To Ghana Laws –  FIPAG Says


Zacharial Abdullai, general secretary for the Film Producers Association Of Ghana has stated that per the rules governing the country’s entertainment laws, FDGG is not a recognized organization.

According to him, though the Film Directors Guild of Ghana is operating, their activities are in vain.

The FDGG which was officially launched in February 2015 with the aim of building a solid film industry.

He mentioned that, Richard, president of the FDGG has no authority to make any decisions on behalf of the film industry.

His alarming remarks were sparked by speculations that Richard and the FDGG solely rebranded the movie industry, naming it Gollywood.

“To tell you the truth, the FDGG is not recognized by the laws of Ghana and hence cannot make decisions for the sector. Even the minister of our sector can’t rename the industry”, he added.


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