Exclusive Photos From Tracy’s Bachelorette Party


The bachelorette party of Sarkodie’s wife was like no other.

Forget the naughty-shaped cake, the bachelorette sash, male stripper dancers, and have a distinct yet fun-filled and classy bachelorette party like what the wife of Rapper Sarkodie, Tracy had at hers.

We definitely can’t stop fussing about every bit of the incredible love journey of Sarkodie and Tracy. After bringing you all the gist with some stunning pictures of their white wedding that took place over the weekend, we dag deep to scoop exclusive photos from the bachelorette party.

A bachelorette party is also referred to as a ‘hen Party’ is a little(most a times)  celebration held for a woman who is about to get married. These parties are held prior to the wedding typically attended by the girlfriends of the bride.

Tracy didn’t go with the normal flow, that is the naughty cake, sash, and male strippers which stands as a norm for these parties from what we see in the photos.

She went with a cowgirl theme gathering and scored it with a very decent cake.



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