Ernest Opoku Jnr Is A ¨Little Boy¨ Before Me – Brother Sammy


Controversial gospel singer, Bro Sammy has asserted that fellow gospel singer, Ernest Opoku Jnr, is his ¨little boy¨ in the industry.

Answering a question on Delay´s Show, as to whether he is imitating Ernest Opoku´s voice since, when he (Sammy) came out, many gospel lovers thought, he was Ernest Opoku, Bro Sammy stated that it is rather the opposite.

¨Ernest rather imitated me. He is a little boy before me. Everyone who knows Oware Jnr, will easily say Ernest sings like him. But Ernest rather imitates me. Because, since I came out, he is missing from the game¨, he told Delay.

¨Ernest had producer before I did, but since I am the original and he is the one imitating me, you can all tell his absence from the gospel music scene¨, he said.

Bro Sammy has in recent times being in the news for some bad reasons, with a number of ladies accusing him of swindling them after they have fallen in love with him, though he has debunked all such rumours.

Sammy is noted for churning out popular songs like Menso Mene Hwan 2, Nyame Ne Hene, Odo Nyankopon, and the recently released controversial, Nipa Hunu.


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