Emirates Reacts To Claim Di Asa Winner Was Kicked Off Dubai Flight


Emirates has revealed why 2019 Di Asa winner could not board one of its Dubai-bound flights from Accra.

The management at Emirates has revealed that for safety reasons the organizers of Di Asa should have purchased extra seats for Precious Mensah.

According to Emirates, they require all passengers are safely and comfortably seated with their seat belt fastened.

“We respect our customers’ privacy and cannot discuss specific customer details or cases,” the statement released Wednesday said.

The 2019 winner of Accra-based Atinka TV’s plus size women reality show ‘Di Asa’ was disallowed from boarding an Emirates flight to Dubai because of her size.

Precious Mensah, popularly known as PM, was supposed to travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as part of her prize with the two runners-up.


This, the statement explained is for the passenger’s own safety and comfort.


 Meanwhile, the organizers said PM could not fit into two seats even when they purchased it, hence they tried to get another seat but were told none was available.


They are hoping to sort out the issue by Friday, November 22.



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