Edem Releases New Single, ‘Snappy’ On Friday


Ghanaian rapper Edem has proven his versatility in a new song scheduled for release on Friday.

Though he is widely known as a ‘rap god’ in music circles, he has made it evident he is ready to spread his tentacles.

He has a new Afrobeat song in the pipeline titled ‘Snappy’ slated for release on Friday, June 22, 2018.

Known for his cleverly inventive prowess with words, Edem decides to engage music lovers in a brain exercise to decipher the sort of expedition he is embarking on based on the story line of the single.

He describes the song as cunning egghead song carefully crafted to paint spellbinding impressions on the mind of every Ghanaian and avid music lover, direct their focus on the campaign and satisfy their desire for music.

Some of Edem’s hit songs include ‘Gbevu,’ ‘Kporda,’ ‘Nyedzilo,’ ‘Koene’ and ‘Ghetto Arise.’


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