Eddie Nartey Fires Ghanamoviefreaks.com


Ghanaian actor cum director, Eddie Nartey took a pop at the exclusion of his movie, ¨That Night¨ among the list of movies that are expected to make the 2018 edition of the Top 10 movies in Ghana.

Eddie expressed his displeasure towards members of Ghanamoviefreaks.com – compilers of the list, claiming “That Night” deserves a spot on the list.

I don’t understand why “That Night” was not on the list. I respect the site very well because they know what they are about. However, the fact that they excluded my movie from the list, is deliberate disregard for my hard work”, he said.

Eddie emphasized how much effort went into the production and promotion of the movie. Though his movie, “The Corner” was included in the list, he blamed the site for blatantly overlooking “That Night”, since it is one of the best movies shot so far this year.

The list included movies like “The Burial of Kojo”, “Lucky”, “Side Chick Gang”, “The Corner”, “Night Shadows”, “The Hero”, “Paper”, “The Riddle” and “Accra Confidential”


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