Dr. Ndoum Wants Commercially Successful League As Priority For Reforms


Owner of Ghana Premier League club Elmina Sharks, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom wants a “commercially successful” league as the top agenda when he joins government to discuss reforms with FIFA. 

The World football governing body has invited government and a representative of the clubs in the country, which is Dr. Ndoum, to Zurich to deliberate over the ways forward for Ghana Football after the revelations of the Anas expose.

All football related activities have been halted after several officials of the Ghana Football Association and referees were seen on camera receiving cash gifts to influence outcomes of games.

Government immediately took a stand to dissolve the football Association which is seen as direct interference and could attract FIFA sanctions.

However, a fortnight ago, government and FIFA held a meeting to address the impasse currently bedeviling the sport in Ghana. FIFA after hearing from government has invited some members of the FA and government over to Zurich and Dr, Ndoum who is a part of the delegation’s main of objective is a commercially successful league.

“If money is not in, the game wouldn’t be  enjoyable. Something small that comes from the game shouldn’t be used by others for their parochial gains,” he told Ahomka FM in Elmina.

“We want our league to be commercially successful. I’ve spoken with Togbe Afede and others to find ways to make the league a better one to make others happy so that results will only be gained from the field.

“These are some of the things we want to talk about to make the league a good one for the benefit of us all,” he opined.


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