DopeNation Express Their Love For E.L


Popular twins and music group, DopeNation have expressed their love for singer and rapper EL. The two mentioned on Route 919 with Antoine Mensah that they love EL so much.

“We have mad love for EL. He is like our big brother. He teaches us a lot”, the two revealed.

According to the group, they feel like they are a projection of EL, because they sing and rap too.

They further revealed that working with E.L is easy, thus, E.L does not take decisions for them as it happens with other record labels. Rather, E.L agrees and supports their decisions, and guides and advices them on career related issues.

DopeNation is a Ghanaian music group, made up twin brothers; Michael Boafo, popularly known as B2 and Tony Boafo, popularly known as twist. The group is signed on singer and rapper E.L’s VO Nation.


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